Clear and Concise

I’ve been involved with DoD and CMMC for several years now. It can be daunting. Wayne’s break-down of the CMMC terms and how they apply is the best I’ve read!

Tom Crossley CEO
Fairoaks IT

Wayne Hunter has masterfully taken complex information and distilled it into laymen’s terms. Between Ransomware risks and CMMC compliance, it’s difficult to know what you should do. If you do nothing, all you have is risk. Wayne used his extensive experience in entrepreneurship, IT and even the Navy to help you navigate the complexity so you can make more informed decisions in your own business with confidence.

Damien Stevens Founder and CEO

Brings Clarity to an Otherwise Confusing Regulation

Trying to understand CMMC and if it applies to your business is a difficult first step. Trying to figure out what level of CMMC applies to you can be even more challenging. Wayne breaks that down for you so there are no questions and no headache! Read it now, you’ll be happy you did!

Adam Crossley Fairoaks IT

Choose A Partner, Not A Vendor

Since selecting AvTek Solutions 11 years ago, I know that my staff can get the support they need without worrying about getting invoicing setup or paying ahead of time for getting support.  My employees can focus on the issue, not the accounting.

AvTek looks at the holistic IT stack and ensures there are no holes. If any are found, they present cost-effective integrated solutions without sacrificing data integrity or security.”

If someone is looking for an IT partner who not only has the experience to help you but the integrity to do it the right way, you cannot go wrong choosing AvTek Solutions.

John Orr Chief Information Officer
Austin Bank – Longview

Stop Focusing on IT and Start Focusing on Your Core Business

Since moving our managed services to AvTek Solutions, we have stopped focusing on IT and started focusing more on the day-to-day operations of our core business.  It has also eliminated the need for an in-house IT professional.

AvTek Solutions does a great job of looking at the holistic IT stack and ensuring there are no holes. If any are found, they do a good job of presenting cost-effective solutions that integrate together.

If someone were on the fence about choosing to bring on an IT firm or switching from their existing provider, I would say to take a step back and look at your overall IT spend along with the time you are devoting to dealing with it, that combination far exceeds the cost, in both time and money, of switching to AvTek Solutions Managed Services.  More importantly, the peace of mind that will be gained by letting a professional group handle it is priceless.

Nick Eusepi Commonwealth Projects
Chief Financial Officer

Great Customer Service, Quick Response and Always Willing To Go The Extra Mile

The biggest benefit TXCPA Houston has seen since moving our managed services to AvTek Solutions is the feeling of security.  Our data is secured with the best technology provided by them.  I also like their guarantee if something were to happen.

Their customer service, quick response and general knowledge is better than anyone else we have worked with in the past.  The AvTek team will work through issues until they are fully resolved, getting an understanding of the root cause of the problem.  They are always there for us.

AvTek Solutions provides solutions for our day to day processes, listens to our long-term goals and are always willing to go the extra mile.  I suggest you reach out to Wayne and team if you are considering a Managed Services Provider.

Kristie Ondracek, CPA, CGMA Chief Financial Officer/Chief Operating Officer
TXCPA Houston

They Understand Our Business And Our Infrastructure

Since AvTek Solutions has been providing us their Block of Hours Services, we are able to use the AvTek team when we need them and for the timeframe needed.  We simply replenish the hours as needed.  This provides us the necessary expertise on our timeline.

AvTek has developed a relationship with us rather than trying to sell us a specific brand.  By doing so, they understand our business and infrastructure better than any of our previous IT partners. They only recommend “best-of-breed” vendors that add value to our business goals going forward.  We have used vendors before that were locked into one brand and it only caused more hassles in the long run.

I would advise anyone looking to hire a company to help with their IT to spend 30 minutes with AvTek Solutions and discuss your present goals and pain points.  You might find that a prior partner made decisions or purchases based on their goals and not yours.

Chris Vaughn Chris Vaughn Systems Administrator
Medical Metrics, Inc. - Houston

Skillsets That Compliment My Staff

Since moving to AvTek’s Managed Backup Services, I have peace of mind knowing that my data is protected in an off-site location and secure.

I have been really impressed with the immediate response I get when I need assistance.  The sense of importance that the entire team puts on my issues is something special.

The support that I have gotten with AvTek is some of the best in the industry.  It is important to me to have a live person answer when I call about a problem and stick with me through resolution.  The entire team at AvTek Solutions has been great at responding to me when I need assistance.

Tamya Stallings Director of Computer Services
ASU-Mountain Home – Mountain Home, AR

Always Prepared To Do What Is Right For The Customer

What I like about the team at AvTek Solutions is that my goals and their goals seem to be aligned. They are always prepared to do what is right for the customer and have our best interest in mind.

AvTek will advocate for their customers and go to bat to get the best pricing from any vendor.  They also are very willing to work under any and all circumstances to get the job done right.  Everyone over there is very knowledgeable of emerging technologies and how best to apply them to our existing infrastructure.

Rob Crockett Vice President, IT Systems Senior Analyst
Guaranty Bank & Trust - Technology Center
Mount Pleasant, TX

If Your Company Has A Need, AvTek Is Your Solution

We have been partnered with AvTek for 10 years and have experienced fast, exceptional service.  What started as a simple infrastructure install has expanded to them co-managing our environment. To know that I have great experts at our disposal through AvTek has been great. We are truly blessed to have them working beside us.

While other IT firms look at their bottom line/profit first, I feel that AvTek provides for us first and foremost. They fight for us, saving us capital and time.

Many other companies exist that provide IT services, but if you want a partner and friend in the business, go with AvTek.

Charlie Snow VP of Technology
Inprov - Southlake

We Are Confident Our IT Systems Are Operating At 100% Efficiency

Bringing on AvTek Solutions to provide guidance as our company and networks grow is one of the best decisions ever. They give us the necessary information in plain language in order for us to make solid decisions.

After working with other IT companies, we were not getting the results we needed. With AvTek, they’re very helpful and always willing to provide us options, direction and support so we can move forward with confidence knowing that our IT system is operating at 100% efficiency.

Avtek takes the time to understand our goals and current situation and then explains how we can achieve these goals.  We feel confident moving ahead with AvTek by our side as we know our goals will be met. When we do have questions, they’re always answered in a timely manner and in plain language so we understand the solution and how it solves our problem.

Scott Futrell Chief Operations Officer
Reliable Plant Maintenance, Inc. - McKinney