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We Are An IT Solutions And Services Company That SPECIALIZES In Helping Businesses Mitigate RISK By Addressing Cybersecurity And Compliance Exposure While Reducing IT Complexity.

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Compliance & Cybersecurity

Compliance & Cybersecurity

Navigating Requirements, Frameworks, and Solutions

Our Core Values

Loyalty: We are committed to building lasting relationships with our clients, founded on trust, respect, and unwavering loyalty.
Integrity: Integrity is the cornerstone of our business. We uphold the highest ethical standards, ensuring transparency, honesty, and accountability in everything we do.
Knowledgeable: Our team is comprised of experts who are not only passionate about what they do, but also dedicated to staying at the forefront of industry trends, ensuring you receive the most informed solutions.
Continuous Growth: We believe in the power of evolution. Our relentless pursuit of improvement drives us to constantly innovate, adapt, and grow, both as individuals and as an organization.
Communication: Open and clear communication is at the heart of our approach. We value active listening, empathy, and responsiveness, ensuring that your needs are understood and addressed effectively.

The AvTek Difference

AvTek Solutions is a Veteran Owned Managed Service Provider. We are the premier IT experts in the Financial Service Industry with over 10 years of experience specializing in banks. AvTek is built on the core beliefs of communication, loyalty, integrity, knowledge and continuous growth. With 100% of our support team based in Texas, we are here to serve you.

Our Services

Cybersecurity Services

AvTek Solutions' goal is to provide you with the best network security protection possible, while also keeping your unique needs and budget in mind.

Hardware & Software Technology Solutions

Purchasing IT equipment is not an easy feat. Make the wrong selection and suddenly you face more issues than the intended solutions.

Managed IT Services

We maintain your IT network to keep your company running efficiently.

Co-Managed IT

Get the Benefits of a Full IT Department WITHOUT the Cost!

Data Backup and Recovery

From tax records to client information, your data is essential in running your business.

Office 365 Services

Microsoft Office 365 combines the desktop suite your business already depends on with cloud versions of their industry-leading productivity tools.

VoIP Services

Is your current phone system not keeping up with the demands of your business? A new Voice over IP (VoIP) telephone system may be in order.

Cloud Services

Cloud services give you the power to collaborate using the Internet and intranet in your office to make doing business more efficient.

See what other business owners are saying about us…

Choose A Partner, Not A Vendor

Since selecting AvTek Solutions 11 years ago, I know that my staff can get the support they need without worrying about getting invoicing setup or paying ahead of time for getting support.  My employees can focus on the issue, not the accounting.

AvTek looks at the holistic IT stack and ensures there are no holes. If any are found, they present cost-effective integrated solutions without sacrificing data integrity or security.”

If someone is looking for an IT partner who not only has the experience to help you but the integrity to do it the right way, you cannot go wrong choosing AvTek Solutions.

John Orr Chief Information Officer
Austin Bank – Longview

Always Prepared To Do What Is Right For The Customer

What I like about the team at AvTek Solutions is that my goals and their goals seem to be aligned. They are always prepared to do what is right for the customer and have our best interest in mind.

AvTek will advocate for their customers and go to bat to get the best pricing from any vendor.  They also are very willing to work under any and all circumstances to get the job done right.  Everyone over there is very knowledgeable of emerging technologies and how best to apply them to our existing infrastructure.

Rob Crockett Vice President, IT Systems Senior Analyst
Guaranty Bank & Trust - Technology Center
Mount Pleasant, TX

They Understand Our Business And Our Infrastructure

Since AvTek Solutions has been providing us their Block of Hours Services, we are able to use the AvTek team when we need them and for the timeframe needed.  We simply replenish the hours as needed.  This provides us the necessary expertise on our timeline.

AvTek has developed a relationship with us rather than trying to sell us a specific brand.  By doing so, they understand our business and infrastructure better than any of our previous IT partners. They only recommend “best-of-breed” vendors that add value to our business goals going forward.  We have used vendors before that were locked into one brand and it only caused more hassles in the long run.

I would advise anyone looking to hire a company to help with their IT to spend 30 minutes with AvTek Solutions and discuss your present goals and pain points.  You might find that a prior partner made decisions or purchases based on their goals and not yours.

Chris Vaughn Chris Vaughn Systems Administrator
Medical Metrics, Inc. - Houston
Compliance & Cybersecurity


Compliance & Cybersecurity - Navigating Requirements, Frameworks, and Solutions

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