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March 2023

Understanding Cyber Security Compliance Standards

There is an endless number of things a business owner should do for their business to be successful. They must develop a product or service that can attract customers, hire and train a team to oversee day-to-day operations, implement marketing strategies and so much more. While all these tasks are essential for your business to be profitable, your business will never get off the ground if you aren’t compliant with standards that affect your industry.

Compliance standards are guidelines or rules that organizations must follow to meet legal, regulatory or industry requirements. These standards are designed to ensure organizations ethically conduct business – by protecting the rights and interests of their customers, employees and other stakeholders. When an organization does not maintain its compliance standards, it will be met with fines, legal action and other penalties.

Many compliance standards that apply to most organizations involve sensitive information protection. Here are a few examples.

February 2023

Add An Extra Layer Of Cyber Security Protection By Utilizing Cyber Insurance

Establishing effective and efficient cyber security policies is one of the
most important aspects of protecting your business. We often discuss why cyber security is so important and the different cyber security practices your business can implement. We also mention how advanced cyberthreats and cyber-attacks have become as hackers improve their tactics and technology. For this reason, you may wonder if there’s anything that will cover your business if it falls victim to a cyber-attack even though you have strong cybersecurity practices in place. Thankfully, cyber insurance is available to business owners who have proven they take cyber security seriously.

January  2023

Prepare Your Business For A Successful 2023 With These 3 New Year’s Tech Resolutions

If you don’t have goals for 2023, there’s no better time than the first month of the year to make them. Whether you want to increase sales, customer loyalty or another essential key performance indicator, you must be intentional about your resolutions. If you keep it vague, you probably won’t achieve your goals, so you need to be specific and start small. From there, you can build on your foundation until you’ve reached your objective.

Thankfully, there are some great tech resolutions you can implement to help your business accomplish its yearly goals.