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May 2024

Why 60% Of Data Backups Fail Businesses When They Need Them Most

From natural disasters and cyber-attacks to accidental deletion, there are many reasons a business needs to back up its data. However, Avast’s latest findings on disaster recovery highlight an alarming issue for small and medium- sized businesses (SMBs): 60% of data backups are not fully successful, and half of the attempts to recover data from these backups don’t work. This leads to businesses being offline for an average of 79 minutes, costing them roughly $84,650 for every hour of downtime.

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April 2024

3 Cyber Security Myths That Will Hurt Your Business This Year

Working amid the ever-changing currents of technology and cyber security, businesses often find themselves entangled in a web of misinformation and outdated ideas. But failing to distinguish between myth and fact can put your business’s security at serious risk.

Based on expert research in the field, including CompTIA’s 2024 global State Of Cybersecurity report, we will debunk three common misconceptions that threaten to derail your success in 2024

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March 2024

Trust Is The New Currency – How Wealthy Are You?

Today, most business transactions – whether buying shampoo or tonight’s dinner – are faceless. That’s why in our digital world, trust is the new currency. This shift in consumer behavior, sometimes called the “trust economy,” is more than the quality of products or services you offer; it’s about constructing a bedrock of reliability and transparency so customers choose you over competitors. “Trust keeps society running. Even the most trivial interactions rely on small acts of trust,” the Economist reported. This isn’t lost on company leaders either. PwC’s 25th Annual Global CEO Survey reported that behind industry conditions, consumer trust is the most important predictor of a company’s past and future financial performance.

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February 2024

Show Some Love To Your Business Continuity Plan

Wintertime can feel like a wonderland. There’s hot cocoa, cozy fireside conversations, glistening white snowfall…ice storms, power outages and tons of employee sick days. You can’t predict the future, but a business continuity plan – BCP for short – ensures that unexpected events don’t slow you down because, in business, every minute counts – literally. Downtime costs SMBs $137 to $427 per minute, according to a 2020 IBM report. Although the loss is smaller, extreme downtime is the ultimate undoing for many SMBs. This month, while you’re rushing out to buy flowers or before you settle in for a cozy Netflix series, don’t forget to show your BCP some love too.

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January 2024

A “Culture Of Appreciation” Improves Work And Customer Loyalty: Here’s How To Make Your Own

The desire to feel valued, recognized and appreciated is universal in Western culture, not only in our personal lives but also in the workplace. According to Great Place To Work’s 2023 discretionary effort study, 37% of respondents said that more recognition at work “would encourage them to produce better work more often.” Additionally, employees who feel consistently recognized are 2.2X more likely to innovate and bring up new ideas and 2X more likely to say people at work go above and beyond. Working harder, smarter and happier that’s a significant ROI.

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